Samurai Graph

A highly functional and user-friendly graph plotter

RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Samurai Graph Downloads

It requires Java Runtime Environments Version 6 or above. See System Requirements for detail information. Visiting the following link can be used check whether a Java software is installed on your computer. :

Current releases

The latest version is Samurai Graph 2.0.0.

The current release is available for download at this site. Users are encouraged to download and test the product. Feedback is appreciated and we encourage you to post the forums with your thoughts, good or bad, about the latest release.

Latest Files:
All Downloads:

All past Samurai Graph versions are still available for downloading. These include early releases, and current releases of the Samurai Graph program. See the full list by clicking Release File List.


This project's CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS.

cvs login cvs -z3 checkout samurai-graph

It is also possible to acquire it here by way of web.