Samurai Graph

A highly functional and user-friendly graph plotter

RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Samurai Graph Features

Samurai Graph provides highly functional and user-friendly graphical user interface for graph plotting. It can plot graphs from scalar to vector type data.

Users can add various kinds of symbols into the graph, such as: labels, timing lines, test of significance symbol, axis break, etc.

Furthermore, graphic objects can be easily operated using only the mouse (eg. XY-axes scale can be changed by dragging the mouse on the scale numbers or scale line).

Supported export file formats are: pdf, eps, ps, emf, svg, jpg, gif, png, swf, cgm, ppm and raw.

System Requirements

Samurai Graph is Java-based and platform-independent application. It runs on most major operationg systems including MS-Windows, Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD.

Technical information about Java can be found at Java Technology.

Samurai Graph requires at least Sun's Java Runtime Environment 6 to run. If you haven't previously installed a Java Runtime Environment, please follow the link below to download the Java Software for your operating system.

Java software download page :